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Client Highlights & Feedback

From Facilitators

Our kids absolutely love the program.


The feedback has been great!!! … My staff is very excited about this.


Absolutely love the program. … I actually received some very positive feedback from our clients such as I like the videos, it's not boring like I thought it would be, etc.   

I did my first run through with my class this past Thursday and it went really well and the feedback was good.

Used by organizations in 17 states (and growing), including:
From Learners

I learned something new and helpful, and I’ve been living on my own (for 5 years).


It helped me gain a better understanding of how to manage my money better and better ways to pay my bills on time.

From Others

It teaches more than knowledge, it teaches application.


All of the information I wish my employees knew BEFORE I hired them.

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