Life Skills Curriculum  Components

Life Skills Reimagined is a 60-hour blended learning life skills curriculum comprised of courses, pre/post tests, workbooks, action plans and additional resources.
Course Modules

10-15 minute micro-learning modules

Animated videos

Knowledge and application checks

Optimized for mobile devices


Application guide 1.0 Budgeting.PNG
 Course Application Guides

Provide critical reinforcement and helps the learner further process and apply the information from each module.


Provide a tool for the learner’s coach (e.g. case manager, teacher, mentor, parent, etc.) to discuss the information to understand the learner’s level of retention.

Action Plans

Deciding in advance how we will react or act in a specific situation (Intentional Implementation) at least doubles, and can even triple, our odds of implementing new behaviors.


Action Plans provides the opportunity for:

- The learner to evaluate their own level of mastery.

- The coach to evaluate the learner’s mastery.

- The coach to then understand and “coach the gap” to ensure that the learner’s self perception is calibrated.

- The learner to identify the areas in most need of focus and create a plan for improvement.

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Resources are designed to help learners practice or think through topics related to self-sufficiency. From budgeting templates to guides to help find a new apartment, these tools make application easier.