How it Works

Determine Schedule and Cadence

Life Skills Reimagined's flexible design enables you to use it in the context of how you already work. We provide sample implementation schedules to help you get started.


Assign Content

Based on your schedule, ask learners to complete the Courses (Module and Application Guide.


Track Progress

Easily see if learners are completing their content.

Send reminders and encouragement.

Schedule reports to keep team members who may not have direct access to the platform in the loop.


Follow-up to Discuss

Whether its 1:1 or small group, live or virtual:

Use the Application Guides as discussion guides to help learners think through how they are going to use the knowledge.

Use Action Plans to create an ongoing self-directed action plan.


Report Results

Report out on course or topic completions, total learner training time and gains in knowledge.


Use Gamification to Create Incentives

Built in points, badge or even Topic completions are great ways to create rewards.


Alignment to Standard Assessments

We can share with you how the Life Skills Reimagined content aligns with commonly used life skills assessments.