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FINALLY ... A learner-centric, online platform revolutionizing life skills education
for youth and adults working towards self-sufficiency.
What People Are Saying
I like the fact that they
are cartoons. It made it more fun to look at.
It helped (me) gain a better understanding of how to manage my money better and better ways to pay my bills on time.

All of the information I wish my employees

knew before I hired them.

- J. Tefs, Subway multi-unit Owner

It teaches more than knowledge, it teaches application.

V.Bairnsfarther, Safe Pastures Girls Home


Create accountability

& transparency.

Learner-centric design facilitates

cross agency collaboration.

Built-in assessments demonstrate

progress over time.

Tracking and reporting creates

transparency and accountability.


Ease the planning

& execution burden.

Content in one, easy-to-access location.

Flexible content can be used 1:1,

small group or classroom.

New staff quickly get up to speed.

Easily see what each learner has done

and what they need to do.


Create content that

learners don't hate.

(afterall, most of them are teenagers)

Engaging content that maximizes retention

Animated microlearning

Multiple reinforcement points

Mobile app with offline viewing


Life Skills Reimagined Demo Video

Click there to see

Animated Module Highlights

LYFT Learning is a social enterprise dedicated to using online education and digital sharing

as powerful tools for achieving social justice.

We bring cost-effective, innovative, tools and resources to equip "boots on the ground" groups addressing social justice issues.

We also have created short-term internships and work opportunities for youth transitioning from foster care.