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An Innovative, Online
Life Skills Curriculum for Youth & Adults

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An Innovative, Online

Life Skills Curriculum for Youth & Adults

Not your average online life skills curriculum.

Life Skills Reimagined is a fun life skills program for youth and adults.

It's evidence-informed, trauma-informed, and learner's love it!

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What Our Learners Say

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Trusted by organizations in 32 states (and growing).
Including 6 state-level implementations:

From foster care and homeschool

to corrections and immigration, for both youth & adults.

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Why It's Different

1. Evidence-Based

Most life skills curriculums are out-of-date and are not designed using current scientific principles of learning and neuroscience. Learn how brain-based learning leads to increases in learning:

​​ White Paper: Evidence-Based Design

2. Proven to Teach

Based on a study of more than 350 learners, Life Skills Reimagined demonstrated a:

60% increase in knowledge 

50% increase in confidence to live independently

(p < .0005)

3. Accessible & Inclusive

Most life skills curricula are boring and one-size-fits-all. ​ Life Skills Reimagined offers a unique blended-learning model that is easily implemented by anyone. It's inclusive, has a ton of accessibility features and can be used by learners with a wide cognitive range.

4. Easy-to-Use Platform

Its turnkey implementation can get your learners up and running quickly.​ The simple user and administrator interfaces are intuitive and simple to learn.​ Detailed reporting helps you manage your learners and easily see what they have completed.

5. Fun & Interactive

Life Skills Reimagined's animated and interactive approach makes learning more engaging so learners want to keep going.

6. Holistic

Many life skills curriculums only focus on social-emotional or tangible skills. Life Skills Reimagined is the only holistic life skills curriculum designed specifically for learners with Emotional Trauma, both in design and content. Life Skills Reimagined covers both social-emotional (Setting Personal Boundaries, Managing Negative Emotions) and tangible skills (Getting & Keeping a Job, Personal Finance).

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Revolutionize your life skills education

Course Modules

  • 10-15 minute micro-learning modules​

  • Animated videos​

  • Knowledge and application checks​

  • Optimized for mobile devices

  • How do Organizations get started?
    1. Organizations should use the Schedule Demo button to learn more about the curriculum so you fully understand the product and have the opportunity to ask questions. 2. If you decide Life Skills Reimagined is for you, email us how many seats that you'll need and attach your sales tax exempt form (if applicable). 3. We'll email you an invoice with our Terms of Service based on the number of users and any additional training or resource needs you may have. 4. After you return payment, we schedule your administrator and facilitator sessions. 5. You set up your users. 6. You start using the system. This can take as little as 1-2 weeks, depending mostly on how long it takes for your team to process the invoice.
  • How does the free trial for Organizations work?
    After your demo, your organizations receives a login to our demo site which has most of our content. You can view and complete courses, review application guides and other resources, and get feedback from your team to ensure Life Skills Reimagined is the right fit for you. We do not offer a free trial for individual subscriptions.
  • Is Life Skills Reimagined Medicaid billable?
    The Life Skills Reimagined team are not Medicaid billing experts. We have been told that when materials are used by a licensed professional in the context of a diagnosis, that yes, that time may be billable. Some of the Life Skills Reimagined content likely applies better to diagnoses than others. For example, our Social-Emotion content (Communication Skills, Resiliency, Getting and Keeping a Job) may be more applicable than our Personal Finance content. Please be sure to consult your internal Medicaid billing experts.
  • Do you offer training?
    For individuals: there is a quick reference guide in the curriculum to guide you. For small to midsized groups: Facilitators: We schedule a 1-2 hour live webinar for the facilitators who will be working with the learners. This gives them an overview of the platform, the curriculum and the science behind the design, so you fully understand how each part contributes to the overall effectiveness of the program. Administrators: We schedule a 1 hour live webinar to help you understand how to add and deactive users and run reports. The system is extremely easy to use. For very large groups: Training is custom planned to meet the needs of your group and can be virtual or live. Additional costs may apply.
  • Can I change the number of users in my subscription?
    Of course! You can add additional seats at any time. You will invoiced a prorated amount for those users through the end of your current subscription. When your subscription renews, it will be billed at the higher number of users. Upgrading takes effect immediately. If you wish to reduce the number of users, that will take affect at the beginning of the next annual subscription.
  • Who needs a "seat"?"
    Every learner and administrator who has a login to the system needs a seat. If you have 20 people in a program, you will need 21 seats. 20 for learners and 1 for the administrator. If someone leaves your program, you can deactive them and reassign that seat to a new learner. That learning data is kept. If that learner returns, and you have an unassigned seat, you can deactive them and they can pick up where they left off.
  • What age is Life Skills Reimaigned designed for?
    It is designed for both youth and adults. It is written at the "typical" 6-8th grade level, but the videos, which have audio, text on screen and animation, are specifically are designed to be usable for a wide range of cognitive levels.
  • How does your content align with commonly used assessments?
    Our design team evaluated the Casey Life Skills, the Daniel Memorial, as well as other assessments as part of our design process. We can provide matrices illustrating how Life Skills Reimagined content aligns to common assessment to help in your evaluation process.
  • Were youth involved in the development of Life Skills Reimagined?
    Absolutely! Making sure learners - especially teenagers - are engaged is critical. We worked with approximately 80 different learners from multiple organizations throughout the process for guidance in the design and feedback on the content. We conducted research sessions with urban foster youth, approx ages 16-24. The average module rating across all of the modules was a 4.5 out of 5 stars.
  • How long does it take to complete Life Skills Reimagined?
    Currently, if a learner goes through all of the modules and support materials, we estimate the program content is approximately 30 hours long plus discussion time. The cadence of training can be highly flexible based on your program design. If used when learners have other school or work activities, we recommend that it is not completed in less than 3 months because use over time actually reinforces long-term retention. We can provide sample timelines of different program lengths and types to help you determine the best approach for your program.
  • Can a learner complete the program by themselves?
    At it's highest level of fidelity, Life Skills Reimagined is designed to include conversations about the content with a facilitator. Feedback and conversations are important to learners achieving the full knowledge and experience. But knowing that that is not always possible, yes, learners can complete the content on their own. Our research data is based on a low fidelity implementation, so we know it works even when completed without a facilitator.
  • Can I just use certain parts of Life Skills Reimagined?
    Life Skills Reimagined is designed to be flexible and adapt to your organization. All of the components are specifically designed using scientific principles of learning and neuroscience to create the maximum first time retention and then be encoded into long term memory. The facilitator training is designed to help your team understand how it all works together, so any adaptations can be made with that information in mind.
  • Is Life Skills Reimagined offered in other languages or for other countries?
    The Life Skills Reimagined curriculum has support for EASL Spanish speakers. The support is built into the content and is not a separate set of courses.
  • Do you offer implementation or administration services?
    Yes. We offer - custom training packages in addition to our included webinars. - change management and implementation consulting. - implementation support. - system administration. We can develop a custom implementation and administration plan and quote based on your needs. We can also manage the administration for the first year until the program is implemented, and we know the amount of administrative support that is needed for your particular program, and then train your ongoing administrator.
  • Do you provide facilitators for the program?
    We do not. But based on your geographical location, we may be able to identify organizations that can contract for that service.
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