An Innovative, Online
Life Skills Curriculum for Youth & Adults


Life Skills Reimagined™ has proven results and is the only holistic life skills education curriculum

designed specifically for learners with emotional trauma, both in design and content.

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Not your average online life skills curriculum.
Life Skills Reimagined learners have completed:

   100,000            51,500 hrs

              content pieces                                   training time

as of 6/20/22

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Most life skills curriculums are out-of-date and are not designed using current scientific principles of learning and neuroscience.

  • Life Skills Reimagined utilizes brain-based learning principles in the life skills curriculum design including:

    •  Multisensory learning experiences that are more engaging and memorable.

    • Learning objectives that drive teaching method.

    • Microlearning (short bursts) which increases retention and recall. 

White Paper: Evidence-Informed Design



Many life skills curriculums only focus on social-emotional or tangible skills.


  • Life Skills Reimagined is the only holistic life skills curriculum designed specifically for learners with Emotional Trauma, both in design and content.

    • Covers social-emotional (Setting Personal Boundaries, Managing Negative Emotions)

    • And tangible skills (Getting & Keeping a Job, Personal Finance).

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All Types of Learners

Current available life skills curriculums are boring and one-size-fits-all.


  • Life Skills Reimagined offers a unique blended-learning model that is easily implemented by anyone.

    • Content to watch, worksheets & workbooks to complete, and discussions.

    • Animation with voiceover and text on-screen.

    • Inclusive & accessible. 

    • Wide cognitive range. 

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Course Modules

  • 10-15 minute micro-learning modules​

  • Animated videos​

  • Knowledge and application checks​

  • Optimized for mobile devices

Life skills education evidence-informed life skills curriculum

Revolutionize your life skills education

Life Skills Reimagined is easy to implement, interactive, fun, and proven effective.

From foster care and homeschool to corrections and immigration, for both youth & adults.

Trusted by organizations in 20 states (and growing), including:

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Course Modules:

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What our facilitators say!
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"Our kids absolutely love the program. The feedback has been great!!! … My staff is very excited about this."

"Absolutely love the program. … I actually received some very positive feedback from our clients such as I like the videos, it's not boring like I thought it would be."

"I did my first run through with my class this past Thursday and it went really well and the feedback was good."

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