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Life Skills Reimagined™
Home Edition

An easy-to-use life skills curriculum that makes sure you've got the critical stuff covered.

Life. Is. Chaotic.

In between school, work and extracurricular activities, it’s easy to forget those “other things” you need to learn to make it in the real world. Life Skills Reimagined teaches the critical “adulting” skills you need, in ways that help ensure you'll remember


Life Skills Reimagined™ is an evidence-informed, blended-learning, holistic life skills curriculum accessed through an online platform. It includes 60 hours of content comprised of courses, pre/post-tests, workbooks, action plans, additional resources, and planned discussions.

Homeschoolers can calculate mastery through pre/post test or estimated seat time.

Life Skills Reimagined uses ‘brain-based learning’ to teach the way we learn best. It’s proven to effectively teach life skills knowledge and increase learners’ confidence to live independently and self-efficacy (good for you) and learners actually LIKE it (great for them).

With Life Skills Reimagined: 

Complete bite-sized content pieces in 5 topics areas:


  1. Personal Finance

  2. Independent Living

  3. Getting & Keeping a Job (including finding a career)

  4. Communication Skills

  5. Resiliency

Access life skills education content through our mobile app to learn on the go, and even offline.


Learn core knowledge online through animated videos and knowledge checks, then complete life skills curriculum worksheets for discussion.


Review life skills education progress, posttest scores, and action plans.

Life Skills Reimagined is great for “typical” students, but it’s designed to be used across a wide cognitive range or with learners with visual or hearing impairment.

There’s also support for EASL Spanish speakers.


Homeschooling? Easily calculate credits by using the posttests for mastery OR the seat time + worksheets/conversations

*appx. 60 hours for Carnegie Units

What our learners say!

"I really enjoyed the content. Everything was very informative and upbeat to make sure you didn't lose interest."

"I enjoyed your videos I wish there were just more courses though I'm pretty sad I'm done :("

"The additional feedback I have is, it's a good program that educates and brings certain situations to light that I may have never thought about."

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