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Who Is This For?

Life Skills Reimagined™ is utilized by: States, counties, agencies, and nonprofits serving foster care transition-age youth, adults in workforce development, family preservation, corrections, immigration,

and for homeschooling.

life skills education learners teenagers youth homeless


Probation, diversion, incarceration, and re-entry

Counties, state, and federal corrections facilities for juvenile and adult justice programs. For facilities which require locked-down systems, we are integrating our life skills curriculum with established technology providers. 

life skills education for homeschool teen


Organizations that serve youth and adults assimilating to the United States. We offer life skills education support for Latin American Spanish and are always expanding. 





Social Services

Life skills education curriculum for foster youth transition age services, youth homeless programs, adult workforce development, family preservation, and mentor programs. 

life skills curriculum for corrections integrating with ATLO


Typical, alternative, and homeschool

Schools purchase organizational subscriptions.


Parents can purchase individual subscriptions for their student whether they are seeking turnkey home school life skills curriculum for high school electives or just wanted to make sure they are "covering the bases" with their adolescent. Easily determine homeschool credits through pre/post test mastery or seat time. 

life skills curriculum for immigration

Reimagined Life Skills
Education Software

Life Skills Reimagined has proven results, with a significant increase in learner knowledge, application, confidence to live independently, and self-efficacy. Also, the only Life Skills Education curriculum with smart reporting! 

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