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Life Skills Reimagined™
Social Services & Schools Edition

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An evidence-informed life skills curriculum designed to overcome the hurdles states, counties, agencies, schools and nonprofits face in delivering effective life skills education.

Everyone needs to be self-sufficient.

Whether you work with youth or adults, giving them the knowledge and skills they need to become self-sufficient and avoid homelessness is critical. Sadly, that’s harder than it sounds.

Life Skills Reimagined takes the heavy lifting of teaching basic knowledge off your plate, so you can focus on relationship building, problem-solving, and using our simple tools to help learners apply the knowledge they learn.


Life Skills Reimagined is designed to meet learners where they are – giving them the beliefs, knowledge and skills to tackle the next phase of their life. It’s the only holistic life skills curriculum designed specifically for learners with emotional trauma – both in curriculum design and content. 


Used by foster care independent living, youth homeless, workforce development, school, alternative school, family preservation and mentor programs.

Young Adults


A life skills curriculum that learners like!

96% of learners

would recommend it to others.

(Similar across gender and race/ethnicity.)

Life Skills Reimagined has been proven to increase Knowledge, Application, Confidence to Live Independently and Self-Efficacy in foster youth ages 16-24.



An adult life skills curriculum that makes learning easy. Just because Life Skills Reimagined is animated doesn't mean it's just for kids. Life Skills Reimagined is designed for adults as well.

Why animation? It's fun, it seems less like "learning", it helps make "intimidating" topics more approachable, it applies to a wide cognitive range and reading levels by engaging multiple senses, plus it's highly diverse.


Chafee Life Skills Curriculum
Life Skills Reimagined is specifically designed to meet the Chafee life skills curriculum requirements of 
Foster Care Independent Living Programs.

It’s simple-to-use, proven life skills curriculum provides: 

Multi-Sensory Content

Reach learners with a wide cognitive range through friendly, engaging animated videos, voiceover, and text on screen.

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Support your Spanish speakers and learners with vision or hearing impairments with built-in accessibility features.


Learning Records

Easily track and measure your student's progress with detailed learning records for every learner. 



Leverage our blended-learning content individually, in a classroom setting, or as a hybrid life skills education solution.



Our goal is for every learner to see themselves somewhere in their Life Skills Reimagined journey.

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Chafee Life Skills Curriculum
Life Skills Reimagined is specifically designed to meet the Chafee life skills curriculum requirements of 
Foster Care Independent Living Programs.


Simple training and implementation process can have your organization up and running within a couple of weeks

What our learners say!

"This program gave me insight on a lot of little things like relationships and boundaries and I love that!"

"It's a good program that educates and brings certain situations to light that I may have never thought about."

"Informative, fun, and engaging. Helped me gain knowledge to be self-sufficient and build better relationships with myself and others."

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